Publication of Archival Library and Museum Materials
Publication of Archival Library and Museum Materials
Publication of Archival Library and Museum Materials

Technical Aspect


The Mile Markers: Linking Keys History collection is comprised of original photographic prints from Monroe County Public Library's Local History Department in Key West, Florida. Project selectors considered the rarity, fragility, value to researchers, size, subject emphasis, format, and provenance of all digitized contents.


Digitization of the Collection was performed using a Epson Expression 1640XL flat-bed scanner, calibrated against the IT8 color target. All images were scanned at digital resolution exceeding 600 pixels per inch. Nearly all were scanned and archived as 24-bit (true color) images in uncompressed TIFF 6.0. All project image files are created according to current State University Libraries (SUL)/Publication of Archival Library & Museum Materials (PALMM) guidelines for archival Master TIFF, Derived JPEG, and Derived SID files. These guidelines are based on national standards. JPEG and SID files are derived directly from Master TIFFs for web delivery of collection contents and all archival TIFF files are stored off-site for posterity at the FCLA Digital Archive.


Unique Control Numbers, Filenaming Conventions, and other Structural Metadata are used to store Milemarkers: Linking Keys History archival files long-term and deliver derivatives to readers via the World Wide Web. All metadata correspond to full-level MARC records according to FIU Libraries Cataloging Department procedure and Cataloging and Access Guidelines for Electronic Resources (CAGER). These guidelines specify that digital project MARC records should represent the electronic versions only, and include specific instructions to:

Complete MARC cataloging instructions can be found at this FIU Cataloging Department page: