Publication of Archival Library and Museum Materials
Publication of Archival Library and Museum Materials
Publication of Archival Library and Museum Materials
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African Map Collection

The African Map Collection includes all of the nations of Africa, as well as, some Atlantic and Indian Ocean nations in proximity to Africa. The countries of Asia Minor, i.e., the Middle East, also are included, albeit because of overlapping regional interests. Additionally, Some maps in the African Map Collection also may depict parts of southern or Mediterean Europe.


African Map Collection The Florida Center for Library Automation Show All Maps African The African Map Collection is an ongoing cooperative project of archives, libaries and museums in Florida and throughout the Caribbean to digitize and provide online access to maps of contemporary and historic Africa, dating from 1600 through the present. The majority of maps in this collection document a colonial past (1600-1926). While many of these maps were originally published as maps independent of any other publication, some were published with atlases, books, government documents, shipping and railroad schedules, land promotions, etc. Maps in this collection include island, municipal, county and parish maps as well as maps depicting the region more broadly.

These maps represent only a small part of the wealth of historical and archival treasures held by the contributing archives, libraries, and museums. Users should note the source of the maps they use and should contact the holding libraries or archives directly for more information.

The Collection is uneven in representation of specific areas as contributions to the Collection reflect the interests of the contributing institutions. Maps in the African Map Collection include the maps of the Middle Eastern Map Collection. Effort is on-going to broaden representation of other specific locations.

Algeria Angola Armenia (Middle East)
Ascension Island Azerbaijan (Middle East) Azores
Bahrain (Middle East) Benin Botswana
Burkina Faso Burundi Cameroon
Cape Verde Central African Republic Chad
Comoros Congo (Republic : Brazzaville) Congo (Democratic Republic: Kinshasa)
Côte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast) Cyprus (Middle East) Djibouti
Egypt Equatorial Guinea Eritrea
Ethiopia Gabon Gambia
Georgia (Republic) (Middle East) Ghana Guinea
Guinea-Bissau Iran (Middle East) Iraq (Middle East)
Israel (Middle East) Jordan (Middle East) Kenya
Kuwait (Middle East) Lesotho Lebanon (Middle East)
Liberia Libya Madagascar
Malawi Mali Mauritania
Mauritius Mayotte Morocco
Mozambique Namibia Niger
Nigeria Oman (Middle East) Palestine (Palestinian Territories) (Middle East)
Qatar (Middle East) Réunion Rwanda
Saint Helena Sao Tome and Principe Saudi Arabia (Middle East)
Senegal Seychelles Sierra Leone
Somalia South Africa Spanish North Africa
Sudan Swaziland Syria (Middle East)
Tanzania Togo Tristan da Cunha
Tunisia Turkey (Middle East) Uganda
United Arab Emirates (Middle East) Yemen (Middle East) Western Sahara
Zambia Zimbabwe
Geographic Feature
Africa (continent) Arabian Peninsula(Middle East) Arabian Sea
Atlas Mountains Canary Islands Congo River
Gaza Strip(Middle East) Great Rift Valley Middle East
Niger River Nile River Persian Gulf(Middle East)
Red Sea (Middle East) Sahara Desert Socotra Island (Yemen)(Middle East)
Sudan (Region)

Suez Canal(Egypt)

Volta River
West Bank (Middle East) Zambezi River
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