Publication of Archival Library and Museum Materials
Publication of Archival Library and Museum Materials
Publication of Archival Library and Museum Materials
Linking Florida's Natural Heritage

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The Biodiveristy Delimma

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Database Activity

You can start thinking about preserving biodiversity right now by exploring the biodiversity of a Florida ecosystem, the Florida sand pine scrub. The sand pine scrub ecosystem is one of Florida's most endangered ecosystems. Of course, all the native plants and animals that are adapted to and depend on the scrub are threatened too. Find out more about this special place and one particular special bird, the Florida scrub jay. It only lives in Florida's scrub ecosystem.

  1. Select the Florida Environments Online database. []
  2. Search on the term "scrub jay" in the keyword field.
  3. Scroll down until you see an article titled "The Florida Scrub Jay," by Raymond Fernald.
  4. Click on that title.
  5. Next to where it says "Electronic Access," click on the code that has the letters "jpg" at the end. This will open the article's table of contents.
  6. Click on "Title" This will open the document so that you can read it. (This may take a couple of minutes to download, just be patient.)
  7. When you finish reading that page, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "next."
  8. Keep reading and clicking "next" until you have read the entire article.
  9. Take notes on the scrub jay and its ecosystem as you read the articles.
  10. On a separate piece of paper, write a field guide entry for the scrub jay. Look at field guide entries for otherbirds at for examples. (Don't copy the scrub jay entry; everyone will know you did!) In your field guide entry, you need to include the following things:
    • description of the habitat it lives in
    • what it eats
    • what eats it
    • its range
    • what it looks like
    • how it nests
    • what kind of family group it has
    • what kind of legal protection it has
    • how big of an area a family of scrub jays needs.