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From the college and university community:

"PALMM has made available materials that would require weeks of research and considerable expense to locate in libraries and archives. It is an invaluable research tool."

"I'm on a tight research deadline and could not do the job without you guys. Bring on more!"

"Thank you for helping to distribute your resources broadly."

'I was very excited to encounter the Miami Metropolitan Archives on the Net thanks to your efforts."

"Your making possible full-text searches of Florida Entomologist articles from 1917 to present is a dream come true!! Congratulations and thanks."

Teachers and students:

"I thank you for this site and the resources of vintage books it provides. I am home schooling my two children, and have found some great books."

"I have just discovered your PALMM Literature for Children website and am thrilled with what I see of the collection here. I hope you are able to continue adding to the online collection of these marvelous treasures."

Librarians and historians:

"I was researching a Florida history question and happened upon the Florida Historical Quarterly. I have long wished that this existed. Thanks!"

"The work you all have done is fantastic. This is a great resource."

"Thanks for the wonderful work and the fascinating things you are making available."

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