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Florida Heritage is a collection of digital images made from source materials in the collections of libraries, archives and museums.

  • Some source materials are under copyright and have been digitized with the permission of the copyright holder. When this is the case, this information is given in a note that displays after the label "Terms of use" in the bibliographic (WebLUIS) record for the item and also at the top of the Table of Contents display for the item. Your use of these digital images is allowed by law only insofar as it remains within the terms and conditions described.
  • In some cases, only a copyright statement will display, with no other restrictions listed. For example, "© Copyright [year], University of South Florida". In this case, the copyrighted page or image may be used for research, instruction and private study under Fair Use as described below.
  • If not otherwise noted, the source materials are in the public domain. Use of these digital images created from public domain materials is unrestricted.

Unless additional restrictions are noted, copyrighted electronic materials in this collection may be used for research, instruction, and private study under the provisions of Fair Use. Fair Use is a provision of United States Copyright Law (United States Code, Title 17, section 107) which allows limited use of copyrighted materials under certain conditions. Factors to be considered with regard to a particular use's falling under Fair Use include: the purpose or character of the use; The nature of the copyrighted work; The amount and substantiality of the work being used; The effect of the use on the market for and value of the original. Under Fair Use you may view, print, photocopy, and download images from this site without prior permission, provided that you provide proper attribution of the source on all copies. For any other use of these electronic materials, including but not limited to display, publication and commercial use, permission of the copyright holder must be obtained. There are several good sources of information about copyright and Fair Use on the web. For additional information, you may want to start with the Smathers Library Copyright Reference Page at, or the Copyright Management Center, Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis at

Citations, quotations, and use of images in this collection made under Fair Use or with permission of the copyright holder must acknowledge their source. Proper attribution includes the name of the resource, the name of the Florida Heritage project, the name of the copyright holder, and the URL of the Florida Heritage project homepage.

Users assume all liability for copyright infringement and are advised to contact the institution holding the source materials for copyright information and permission to use the electronic versions. Permission must be obtained for display, publication, commercial use, or any other use of the digital materials in this collection except as allowed under Fair Use.

The institution holding the source material is noted in the full bibliographic information for the document. Click "Search" on the Florida Heritage Project Homepage to get a WebLUIS search form, and enter a search for the material you are interested in. When you find the desired item, click on the underlined title, and full bibliographic information will display. You will find full information about the source, including holding library and any copyright restrictions pertaining to the original material and the digital images made from it.

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