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THE PALMM MXF: An XML-based metadata structure

When libraries send FCLA content for loading and displaying to the public, they must also send information about the nature and structure of the materials digitized, and the physical characteristics of the files sent. This is done by creating and XML "wrapper" for digital files, called the Metadata Exchange Format, or MXF.

Advantages of the PALMM MXF include:

The PALMM MXF has this basic structure:

<packageDesc> Package description: Information about the contributed "package" of metadata and data files, such as the contributing institution and processing instructions.

<entityDesc> Entity description: title-level information about the entity (book, serial issues, collection, etc.) being contributed.

<div> Division: A logical component part within an entity, such as a part, chapter, issue or article. There can be any number of Division sections within an Entity, and lower-level Divisions can nested within higher-level Divisions (such as nesting articles within issues).

<file> File: information pertaining to a physical file, such as a TIFF image or SGML-encoded text. There can be any number of File sections within a Division.

The MXF is defined by an XML DTD. The MXF XML file, the MXF DTD, and all data files referenced by the MXF must all be included in the "package" (folder) sent to FCLA.

Revised 4/02 PLC