Include as much of this information as possible:

  1. Name the Collection (see: for examples of named collections)
  2. Who is the responsible department or institution
  3. Who is the primary contact person (name, email, phone)
  4. Suggest a 3 or 4 letter project code for use in indexing (see: for a list of codes already assigned)
  5. Define the scope of the collection in terms of
    1. Subject(s)
    2. Chronology
    3. Geographic region(s)
  6. Describe the intended audience
  7. Describe the anticipated benefit to SUS institutions
  8. Describe the anticipated use in K-12 education
  9. Identify the genre(s) of target materials (e.g., archives, photograph or other images, published works, recorded sound or video, etc.)
  10. Identify delivery formats (e.g., audio files, image files [raster/vector], multi-media [audio/video], text, etc.), specific as to
    1. Formats (e.g., JPEG, PDF, SID, TIFF, WAV, etc.) and
    2. Mark-up (e.g., EAD, HTML, TEI, etc.)
  11. Submit a short list of representative titles

A sample request follows:

  1. COLLECTION NAME: Florida Architecture and Landscape Design
  2. DEPARTMENT OR INSTITUTION: University of Floirda, Digital Library Center
  3. CONTACT PERSON: John Smith,, 846-XXXX
  4. PROJECT CODE: fald
  5. SCOPE:
    1. SUBJECT(S): Architecture; Landscaping
    2. CHRONOLOGY: before European discovery through the present; bulk 1890 through present
    3. GEOGRAPHIC REGION(S): Florida (and some, Caribbean)
  6. INTENDED AUDIENCE: University constituencies: faculty, staff, students
  7. ANTICIPATED BENEFIT TO SUS INSTITUTIONS: SUS Colleges of Architecture, Landscape Design and Building Construction and, most immediately, that at the University of Florida. The collection will aid research, classroom use, and distance learning.
  8. ANTICIPATED USE IN K-12 EDUCATION: general texts may be used at elementary and junior high levels to illustrate structures used by first Floridians and Europeans settlers; journal literature in addition to general texts will aid high school research projects.
  9. GENRE(S) OF TARGET MATERIALS: journals, monographs, archival materials, maps and plans
    1. FORMATS:
      • To be sent: TIFF (master), JPEG (deliverable), SID (deliverable)
      • To be created from sent files: PDF
    2. MARK-UP: none immediately planned
    • Bulletin of the Florida Association of Architects
    • Florida Architect
    • Florida/Caribbean Architect