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To Be a PALMM Collection
PALMM collections may involve a single SUS institution, multiple SUS institutions, or a combination of SUS and non-SUS participants. Any digital library project can be a PALMM collection so long as it involves at least one SUS institution and agrees to follow applicable guidelines for descriptive metadata, digitization, and website design.
PALMM collections may be served from either an institution's own server or from the FCLA digital library servers. For a collection to be mounted on the FCLA Digital Library Server, data must be submitted according to FCLA specifications for structural metadata.

If you are considering making your project a PALMM collection, prepare a project description and contact a PALMM coordinator.

To Be A Related Collection
Projects which do not meet the requirements to be PALMM collections but which offer access to materials about any aspect of Florida, or materials from collections within Florida, may be made available on the PALMM website as a related collection. To list your project as a related collection, contact one of the PALMM Coordinators.

Copyright Guidelines
Copyright in PALMM Projects
Sample Form for Requesting Permission to Digitize [Word 97]
Sample Form for Requesting Permission to Digitize [HTML]
Sample UF Letter and Form for Requesting Permission to Digitize [HTML]

Cataloging for PALMM Projects
Cataloging and Access Guidelines for Electronic Resources
Applies to standard MARC cataloging.

Guidelines for Digitization
See Also: Digital Archive Website, File Naming Conventions for Graphical Versions

Textual Collections:
Guidelines for Master TIFF Images
Guidelines for Derived JPEG Images

Visual Collections:
Guidelines for Master TIFF Images
Guidelines for Derived JPEG 2000 Files
Guidelines for Derived JPEG Thumbnails
Guidelines for Derived SID Files

Guidelines for Website Design
Design Guidelines for PALMM Websites
General guidelines for design and navigation within a website.
Detailed Design Guidelines for Project Website Home Pages
Detailed layout for the home page of a PALMM collection.

Submitting MXF and METS Packages
MODS Application Profile for PALMM Materials
Documentation on how to use MODS (Metadata Object Descriptive Schema) to create descriptive metadata for PALMM materials. A crosswalk between Dublin Core/MXF and MODS is included.
PALMM Metadata Encoding & Transmission Standard (METS)
Documentation on the creation of METS metadata for PALMM content.
Package Creation Rules Overview
A brief overview of the acceptable combinations of values for packages created using the MXF Client.
MXF Client Manual [PDF Format]
A user's guide to the MXF Client software package.
PALMM Metadata Exchange Format (MXF)
An overview of the metadata format developed at FCLA to provide administrative and structural metadata for PALMM content.
MXF Data Dictionary
The master specification for the MXF XML DTD for structural and other metadata related to images transmitted to FCLA as part of various retrospective digitization projects.
Tools for Creating MXF Files
A windows client program for creating MXF packages, installation instructions, and a user manual.
Package IDs and Entity IDs
An explanation of these important local control numbers and how to assign them.
How to assign and create pseudo-issns for serial titles missing the 8-character ISSN.
File Naming Conventions for Graphical Versions
Guidelines for file naming of graphical versions is "paginating." Explains the processes of giving the pages or files unique names to structure and reference them for display or use.
Content Type Names for Books
Explains use of content type names such as Front Matter, Advertisements, Fronticepiece, etc. for use in creating tables of contents for 18th and 19th century British and American books. Can be used as Division names in the MXF.

Full Text Markup
FCLA servers can search and displsy searchable ascii full text if it is marked up in the appropriate SGML format.

To establish a new full text collection, or to add full text materials to an existing collection, contact Maggie Hogue at FCLA.

Guidelines for SGML Markup for Full Text
Document Type Definition (DTD) for Full Text

Codes and Authority Lists
Florida FIPS Codes
Florida Counties, taken from Federal Information Processing Standards.
Florida HUC Terms and Codes
Map Collection Project Codes
Map of Florida HUC Codes

Hydrological Unit Codes for Florida waterways, related MARC subject headings, and other related terms.

Package and Entity ID Prefixes
Codes used for the institution or project contributing a digitized document.

Project Codes
PALMM Collections and Project Codes Documentation
List of valid project codes

Project-specific Guidelines
Editing Guide to Map and Photo Metadata for Visual Collections [PDF]
Encoded Archival Description (EAD) Standard
LSTA EAD Pilot Project
Florida Environments Online
FEOL Supporting Thesauri and Files
Florida Heritage Collection
Florida History Timeline: Tagged View
Florida Themes: Tagged View

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