Publication of Archival Library and Museum Materials Publication of Archival Library and Museum Materials

There are several types of resources considered related to PALMM:

  1. Other (non-PALMM) digital collections of Florida state university libraries;
  2. Resources pertaining to Florida history, culture, arts, literature, sciences and/or environment;
  3. Resources directly related to particular PALMM collections, as, for example, the ITIS thesaurus is related to Linking Florida's Natural History.

All of these resources, as they are identified, are cataloged and made searchable through PALMM.

In addition to related resources, collections and projects that are candidates for digitization or funding can also be described in the PALMM database. Entering these prospective collections in the database can help communicate project ideas among the libraries. For example, a library considering a digitization project could check for overlap with other projects, or could look for possible collaborators.

PALMM provides a title list of related and prospective resources. PALMM sites can be search by keyword, subject, etc.

Click Suggest Related Sites to suggest a related resource to PALMM administrators.

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