Publication of Archival Library and Museum Materials Publication of Archival Library and Museum Materials

PALMM (Publication of Archival, Library & Museum Materials) is a program of the libraries of the Florida Board of Education's Division of Colleges and Universities (DCU) designed to provide support to individual and cooperative digital library initiatives.

PALMM collections may involve a single DCU institution, multiple DCU institutions, or a combination of DCU and non-DCU participants. A PALMM collection must involve at least one DCU institution and agree to follow guidelines for the quality of digital content and for website design. For Administrative Information, see the Digitization Services Planning Committee.

The PALMM website contains:

  • links to PALMM collections
  • a searchable database of PALMM collections and related collections belonging to DCU institutions or geographically or thematically pertaining to the state of Florida
  • tools for building PALMM collections, including guidelines for website design, best practices for quality of content, and downloadable graphics for the PALMM banner and icon
  • links to national and international standards pertaining to digital library applications

PALMM collections can optionally take advantage of centralized software and support services provided by the Florida Center for Library Automation (FCLA). These currently include mechanisms for contributing metadata and data to FCLA; services to load, store, and navigate text and image collections; bibliographic search software; and Z39.50 client and server facilities. Additional services are planned or under development, including support for additional types of materials, and the provision of long-term archival storage and migration facilities.

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